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  • published August Monthly Meeting in Calendar 2022-07-24 18:47:06 -0400

    August Monthly Strategy Meeting

    Join our all-volunteer team meeting as we welcome new supporters, give updates on our progress, and share next steps in our strategy to make Ohio's elections more free and fair with Instant Runoffs!

    This August marks two years since a small group of Ohioans came together to form Ohio's first and only nonpartisan nonprofit for Ranked Choice Voting, so please join us to celebrate how far we've come together:

    - New Endorsements

    - New Achievements by Volunteers

    - Good News from our Allies at the Statehouse

    August 29, 2022 at 7:00pm
    Zoom - RSVP below for link
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  • wants to volunteer 2021-11-04 19:51:38 -0400

    Become a volunteer

    We are a grassroots organization. Volunteers are the basis of everything we do.  As we continue to build the foundation and grow this movement there is a place for everyone. We are currently looking to fill positions that range from Team Lead to small tasks. Whatever your time commitment or skills, as long as you have a desire to change the way we vote in Ohio, then we will find a place for you. 

    We ask that you first tell us what might interest you most.  Take a look at the list below and click the activities you would most be interested in and whether you are interested in a leadership position.  Then fill in the rest of the information and click the save button at the bottom.  One of our Team Leads or someone from the Volunteer Mobilization Team will connect with you to get you started.  Pay attention to your email as we'll be sending information to help you get started.  

    We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to the team!

    Become a volunteer