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  • signed Sign to Oppose SB 137 2023-08-27 12:27:04 -0400
    The attempt to outlaw ranked choice voting is an attempt to restrict the rights of Ohio citizens to make their own choice on how political representatives are selected. Citizens may vote for or against RCV but it is our right and duty to determine how and who we choose to represent our interests. Politicians who try to restrict voting or mandate what citizens cannot vote on are simply not to be tolerated.

    Sign to Oppose SB 137 and Protect Home Rule for Ohio Communities

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    Regardless of how local leaders feel about Ranked Choice Voting, we are opposed to SB 137's violation of Local Home Rule. Ohio localities should be allowed to decide for themselves if RCV or other election methods are more appropriate for our communities than pick-one, plurality-wins elections. Big government should not unfairly punish communities if we choose to achieve majority rule through RCV or other means. Please sign below to protect Ohio communities' right to Home Rule.
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  • signed Sign to Support RCV 2023-07-23 17:06:23 -0400

    Sign to Support RCV

    I support Instant Runoffs with Ranked Choice Ballots in Ohio!

    2,117 signatures

    Instant Runoffs with Ranked Choice Voting simply require a majority to win, while giving all voters more choice and more voice so that you can vote for your true favorite without feeling like your vote is wasted. When you have backup choices, more parties and candidates can run because you don't have to worry about "spoilers" and you can have more confidence that your vote will actually matter. Political toxicity decreases when candidates have to focus on problem-solving and finding common ground to win a majority instead of simply attacking the "other side" as the greater evil. So you can vote your hopes, not your fears!

    Our team is working with allies on potential ballot language, but in the meantime we need to build our list to show the political class that Ohioans want Ranked Choice Voting in Ohio. Please sign here and spread awareness by inviting your friends!

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