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    Ranked Choice Voting helps your vote matter. Organizations, political parties, and politicians across the state have reached out to endorse this newer, better voting system. Will you be our next endorsement? 

    *To endorse as a small business owner, please sign on here.

    Principles First Ohio

    Principles First is an all-volunteer grassroots organization “committed to revitalizing and championing conservative principles in the 21st century.”

    Cleveland VOTES

    Cleveland VOTES is a nonpartisan democracy building and mobilizing entity that aims to strengthen civic muscle and power to ensure we have a more informed, participatory, and cohesive community.

    Veterans for Political Innovation

    "Veterans for Political Innovation is proud to partner with Rank the Vote Ohio to raise awareness about the nonpartisan power of instant runoff voting (IRV)." Instant Runoffs with Ranked Ballots are already used by service members from six states. "It's time we all #VoteLikeVets!" helps elect conservative Black, Latin, and Asian leaders and "supports Ranked Choice Voting as a method of enhancing voter participation by giving voters greater say in who they want to see elected to office."

    Our Revolution Ohio

    "Ranked Choice Voting offers the best opportunity for legitimate change in leadership in this country away from the corruption and 'politics as usual'"

    Hamilton County Libertarian Party

    "We believe that the political party options are too constrained and do not serve the people of Ohio well. The best way to be represented at the ballot box is to avoid simply voting for the lesser of two evils."

    Ohio Green Party

    "The Green Party seeks to repair our electoral system, from how elections are financed, to conducting them in more fair and representative ways, to ensure accountability and transparency on  all levels of government. We fully support Rank the Vote Ohio to ensure that the eventual winner has majority support and allows voters to express their preferences knowing that supporting their favorite candidate will not inadvertently help their least favorite candidate." 

    Ohio Move to Amend

    "Ranked choice voting is a vital step to increasing voter participation, the diversity of candidates, the discussion of issues, and the overall integrity of elections."


    The American Solidarity Party of Ohio

    "The American Solidarity Party of Ohio proudly endorses Rank the Vote Ohio in its efforts to bring a more civil tone, a more diverse slate of candidates, and a more level playing field for third parties to our democracy through ranked choice voting."

    Unitarian Universalist Justice of Ohio

    "Ranked Choice Voting offers a path away from harmful, and often false, binary choices that American voters must typically make. Ohioans deserve the opportunity to vote for the best candidate of their choice, not for the one candidate they dislike the least. Justice is served when our democracy operates in a manner that honors the voices of everyone."


    Shammas Malik

    Akron City Councilmember 

    Andrew Yang

    Forward Party Co-Chair

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