City Club of Cleveland Youth Forum

City Club of Cleveland Youth Forum

Rank the Vote Ohio's Executive Director, Kyle Herman, will be speaking at the City Club of Cleveland for a Youth Forum panel discussion called "Choice Matters: What the Evolving Political Landscape Means for Gen Z"

With the political landscape of the United States is ever evolving, Gen Z is finding themselves asking, “What’s next?”

Rank choice voting, the possibility of a true third-party contender, changing voting habits, more diverse ballots and more are issues now front-and-center in American politics. Compounding all of the issues being brought to the forefront is the issue of the lack of youth in politics—despite this past election having the first Gen Z elected official. A September poll by CBS News found 47 percent of Americans site the lack of young people in politics as a immediate concern. Further, 9 in 10 Americans believe there should be an age cut off to be president.

Rank choice voting, also known as instant runoff voting or preferential voting, is a voting system believed to be an answer to our current voting system. The system allows voters to rank their second, third, and, so on, choice for an open political seat. So far, only Alaska and Maine use this system in federal elections. However, if expanded, could this bring about a more diverse, inclusive ballot, better reflecting the U.S. population overall.

How should this new generation of voting Americans handle this new frontier of American politics? What changes could be made and implemented to be sure voting Americans truly feel their voice are heard, while also being sure our ballots truly reflect the most pressing and pertinent issues in the U.S.

Join us at the City Club as the Youth Forum Council welcomes a panel to discuss the future of American politics.

Tickets are free for high school students. Contact Amber Smith at [email protected] to register your school or student.


The livestream will be available beginning at 12:00pm. Have questions? Tweet them at @TheCityClub or send a text to 330.541.5794.

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February 23, 2023 at 12:00pm - 1pm
City Club of Cleveland

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