Want to become a Certified RTV Ohio Speaker? Speaking at events is an essential way to educate and get the word out about Rank The Vote Ohio! Whether you are new to speaking or a seasoned professional, all speakers must complete the following training to make sure our message is consistent across the state. These training sessions will help uplift your confidence to speak about what Instant Runoffs or Ranked Choice Voting is, how it works, and give you Ohio specific history (yes, we have had Ranked Choice in the past!). While growing your knowledge and opportunities to practice sharing our message, the end goal is to become a certified speaker and attend RTV Ohio approved speaking events in your area.

The Path to Become a Certified Speaker: 

Step 1) Attend a Local Canvassing Event (Outreach) or  Pitch Training

Step 2) Attend National Speaker Training

Step 3) Attend State Speaker Training

Audition by Submitting a Video of your Presentation for Certification